May 16 | ANDHealth Winter Summit- Healthcare In The Data Age | AI, Avatars & Actionable Insights

Healthcare In The Data Age-AI, Avatars & Actionable Insights


Illustration by Devon Bunce


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ANDHealth’s one-day conference series offers attendees the opportunity to deep dive into current global trends, opportunities and challenges facing
entrepreneurs and industry leaders in digital health.

This year, during our annual Winter Summit, we explored the transformation (or not) of healthcare through the application of artificial intelligence, emerging avatar technology, and actionable insights drawn from new and existing data sets. International keynote speakers, local c-suite executives and industry experts reflected on key aspects of these technologies, their benefits and risks in an evidence-based healthcare setting.


International Keynote Speakers:

  • Dr Yossi Bahagon, Managing Partner, Qure Ventures: ‘The Digital Health Investment Opportunity: An Israeli Perspective’
  • Chandana Fitzgerald, Chief Medical Officer, HealthXL: ‘Healthcare 2020: A Virtual Bot Hub?’
  • Dino Bramando, CEO, Klikdokter: ‘The Klikdokter Story’


Humanising the Digital Health Experience

The implementation of technology can either improve the human experience or diminish it. Hear from a series of companies on how they use technology to put the ‘care’ back into ‘healthcare’.

The Future Of Digital Health Regulation

A panel exploring current and future Digital Health Regulatory Pathways in Australia.

Does “Big Data” Even Matter Or Are We In An Age Of “Actionable Insights”

Big data has long been a buzzword across healthcare. But is it the size of the data set that matters, or what you can do with it?

AI In Practice. How Is Artificial Intelligence Changing Healthcare Today?

Hear from leaders with AI driven products currently in market and in development and how AI has transformed their approach to clinical care & outcomes.

International Outlook: Digital Health In Asia

Hosted in partnership with Austrade, hear from international representatives on digital health in Asia. 

Will The Onset Of AI, Avatars & Actionable Insights Dehumanise The Healthcare Experience

A robust and lively discussion focused on whether our pursuit of data and AI driven healthcare is diminishing or increasing the empathy and care in healthcare.



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