BRIGHT Future For Digital Health 1-Day Seminar and 3-Day Workshop

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BRIGHT Future For Digital Health 1-Day Seminar and 3-Day Workshop

Many digital health start-ups fail for reasons that could have been avoided. With the support of LaunchVic, ANDHealth and
Planet Innovation have combined to bring two highly practical courses that will challenge and
arm entrepreneurs with the skills and foresight to survive many of the challenges that digital
health start-ups face.


The course is taught through interactive workshops, including immersion with successful
entrepreneurs, frontline clinicians, pharmaceutical companies and industry leaders.
Attendees will learn practical skills and re-usable models to solve many commercial issues
faced by digital health companies.


BRIGHT Framework:

Planet Innovation’s BRIGHT framework has twice been voted Australia’s Best Innovation
Program by the AFR and will be the backbone of both the 1-Day Seminar and 3-Day
Workshop, alongside the digital health expertise from ANDHealth.

IDEATE in Digital Health
1 Day Seminar
Date: April 9th 2019
Location: Melbourne CBD

Designed for early stage digital health innovators who are ideating or developing their
prototype, or seeking initial customers. Receive real-word advice on how to address
both the technical and commercial challenges of launching a digital-based business.



INNOVATE in Digital Health
3-Day Workshop
Date: May 23rd-28th 2019
Location: Melbourne CBD

Designed for digital health companies with a technical or commercial proof-of-concept
seeking practical skills and insights for achieving success. Be one of just 12 companies
who receive small group coaching from a team of industry commercial experts.


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