ANDHealth Release Digital Health: Creating a New Growth Industry for Australia

Digital Health : Creating a New Growth Industry in Australia explores the strengths, opportunities, constraints and barriers to the commercialisation of evidence-based digital health technologies in Australia.

Digital health represents a technological evolution that spans the entirety of the healthcare paradigm, from prevention and diagnosis, to management and treatment. Digital health transforms the way frontline healthcare services are created, delivered and measured by putting patients at the centre of their own health and care. This creates a new focus on “healthcare consumers” and “the empowered patient” as a driver of improved health outcomes.

In order for the full benefits of these technologies to be realised, there needs to be a widespread understanding that digital health extends beyond health information technology and infrastructure, and is an independent industry to medical devices.

“Our report makes the case that Australia has the opportunity right now to develop an internationally competitive digital health industry which would complement and leverage our traditionally strong biopharmaceutical and medical device sectors.” Says ANDHealth Managing Director Bronwyn Le Grice.

The ANDHealth report was prepared in collaboration with industry partners including CSIRO, the Australian Digital Health Agency and MTPConnect, the growth centre for the MedTech and Pharma sector.

Digital Health : Creating a New Growth Industry in Australia represents the views of a diverse group of senior executives from across the Australian healthcare industry who were brought together in a series of 4 roundtable consultations that covered key aspects of commercialisation in digital health, namely technology development, regulation, investment and implementation. The overarching goal of the roundtable consultations was to create the foundation of a thriving, international digital health industry.

MTPConnect CEO Dr Dan Grant says “ANDHealth’s report makes it clear that with the right incentives in place, improved access to capital and development of adaptive regulatory frameworks, we can realise our potential as a global digital health leader.”

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