ANDHealth+ Alumni

ANDHealth+ Cohort FY 2019

The CancerAid app provides support and education to cancer patients and families through a community platform, health coaching and clinician- connected care.

A targeted, smart trigger system to help nurses identify early signs of deterioration and potential falls to help them spend time with patients who need them most.

Health Delivered is a dietary management platform designed to tackle the growing rates of obesity, diabetes and other chronic health issues.

Kesem Health is developing the iUFlow, a home urination activity monitoring solution that promotes early, accurate diagnosis and monitoring of lower urinary tract symptoms.

ANDHealth+ Cohort FY 2018

Ingestible pill sensor which provides real time gas information for gut health diagnosis and management

Improves medication dosing accuracy and patient outcomes through real-time medication dosing decision support

A digital intervention in medication adherence which forms positive habits through fun games and memorable rewards

Hospital standard epilepsy monitoring and diagnosis delivered digitally in the home

An app to help manage children’s food allergies and to share their ASCIA action plan with carers.

SkinView is pursuing partnering on a point of care solution for diagnosis of skin cancer and skin lesions which transforms a smartphone into a dermatoscope.


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