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BRIGHT Digital Health Programs

With support from LaunchVic in Victoria, ANDHealth has partnered with Foundation Member, Planet Innovation, to deliver this unique program. By marrying ANDHealth’s network of digital health expertise with Planet Innovation’s proven B.R.I.G.H.T Process framework this program provides tailored advice and thinking models to digital health companies in order to reach successful commercialisation.


This program is delivered in Western Australia as part of the Western Australian Digital Health Accelerator, funded by an X-TEND WA grant from the New Industries Fund which is managed by the Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation


The program is suitable for all digital health innovators, regardless of the stage of development, whether they are based inside a large corporation or are an independent start up.

Planet Innovation’s BRIGHT Process


Define the right problem to solve - 5 why's


Inform the problem solving process. What exists?


Empathize with the user. Observe, interview, walk in the shoes. Discover insight.


Explore a wide solutions space. Many established tools e.g brainstorming


Score and weight based on selection criteria


Select and present strongest concepts


1 Day Workshop

Designed for early stage digital health innovators who are ideating or developing their prototype or seeking initial customers. Forty innovators will receive real-world advice on how to address both the technical & commercial challenges of launching a digital-based business.


Learn how to challenge assumptions and explore different business models.

Build problem solving skills through the application of Planet Innovation's proven B.R.I.G.H.T process.

Identify both the opportunities and constraints that your new venture will face through digital case studies.

Create an action list that you can use to take your venture forward.


3 Day Workshop

Designed for digital health companies with a business concept they want to develop within a proven innovation framework, establishing feasibility and seeking practical skills and insights to prepare for achieving success. Twelve companies will receive small group coaching from a team of industry commercial experts.


Learn the importance of, and process for, gathering real world customer needs in digital health.

Develop powerful problem solving skills using the B.R.I.G.H.T process, to navigate common start-up challenges.

Experience immersion with digital health industry leaders.

Articulate your value propositions to both customers, users and investors alike.

Past BRIGHT participants include:

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