An integrated ecosystem for the development & commercialisation
of evidence-based digital health products
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Welcome to ANDHealth

ANDHealth is an industry led national digital health initiative established by a consortium of commercial and government partners to facilitate and support the development & commercialisation of clinically validated digital health technologies across Australia.


ANDHealth’s primary objective is to create an integrated and connected ecosystem for the development & commercialisation of evidence-based digital health products, bringing together participants from the medtech and pharmaceutical sectors with a broader stakeholder group drawn from the ICT and commercial sectors, and by putting in place the key elements required to create a cohesive and collaborative digital health industry.

ANDHealth+ 2018

ANDHealth+ is Australia’s only industry-led, mid-stage accelerator, dedicated solely to digital health.


Mid-stage evidence based digital health technologies which have achieved proof-of-principle are supported in projects which progresses the technology towards investment.


Selected teams have $60,000 of support for project expenses, plus significant in-kind to access specialist third party services, and advisory & support from people with proven track record in digital health commercialisation.

No equity allocation nor IP transfer is required.

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What We Do

Evidence-Based Digital Health

Facilitating and enabling clinical and research evaluation and validation of digital health products

Cross-Sectoral Connectivity

Increasing engagement & collaboration between MTP, ICT and broader commercial sector participants

Global Connections

Connecting Australia's nascent digital health sector with leading centres globally

Investment & Infrastructure

Attracting investment into digital health companies and projects in Australia